Sustainability courses that will help you to close the gap between policy and delivery

Released on 14/08/2013

Findings from the recent BIFM Sustainability Survey 2013 urge FMs to strive for sustainability goals, and whilst significant progress has been made in the implantation of sustainability policy within organisations since 2007, when the survey started, there is still a gap between policies and delivery.

But how can FMs overcome this?

BIFM trainer and sustainability consultant Sunil Shah - who co-authored the report – said: “The future is cost constrained but drivers such as legislation and PR around corporate responsibility remains. FMs need to think differently to still operate within that environment. There’s a very strong indication that FMs believe that capital investment equals sustainability. There’s a great focus on technology and certification and that has costs associated with it. But you can have a new piece of kit, and if you don’t install or manage it properly, it’s not doing what it should. You have to co-ordinate the running of it with occupancy times, for example. You have to make sure that all the processes are aligned” 

If you’re interested in developing and effectively delivering a sound sustainability policy for your organisation, Shah shares his solid expertise to present two BIFM Training sustainability programmes:

Introduction to Sustainability – next runs 17-18 Sep 2013, Central London

Advancing Sustainability – next runs 3 Dec 2013, Central London

For course programmes please follow the links above or you can contact BIFM Training by emailing info@bifm-training.co.uk or on tel. 020 7404 4440.