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Sustainability in FM

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Food waste management at the Royal Bournemouth NHS Trust's catering services department

The catering services department of the Royal Bournemouth NHS Trust embarked on food waste management scheme to significantly reduce its carbon dioxide emissions equivalent as its contribution toward the hospital impact on the environment and Carbon Reduction Strategy. Oil based disposable food packaging products were replaced with compostable and recyclable catering products.  1,576 kgCO2e of food waste and 1,908 kgCO2e of virgin materials have been saved so far.

Lighting and energy efficiency schemes at St Bartholomew School, Newbury

The newly built St Bartholomew's school uses more daylight and natural ventilation to improve lighting levels and ventilation within the facilities.   A broader aim is to provide a BREEAM excellent project that can be used to educate students about sustainability issues.  The newly built facilities provide a conducive teaching and learning environment for students and staff.

Supporting sustainable developments using Green roof at St Bartholomew’s School, Newbury

The incorporation of a green roof in the new school building promotes sustainability and green philosophy by providing a sustainable teaching and learning environment for students and staff.  The green roof serves as a teaching tool when discussing sustainability in some science courses.  Furthermore, the green roof helped the project gain a BREEAM excellent status.

Minimising the use of chemicals and water at the Bluewater Shopping Centre

Bluewater Shopping Centre, a very large and busy shopping centre reduced the amount of chemicals and water used in keeping the centre clean and hygienic. The strategy enabled it to reduce its environmental impact.  With an efficient and easy to use Rubbermaid compact cleaning trolley and tools, cleaning hosts combined hospitality and cleaning to provide shoppers an enjoyable and refreshing experience.

Waste management and recycling at University of Reading

University of Reading embarked on a 5 year carbon management action plan to significantly reduce its carbon dioxide emissions to 35% by 2016 and 45% by 2020 using a baseline year of 2008/09.  Food waste, paper, plastic, cans, glass, furniture and IT equipment are being recycled on campus and less waste is being sent to landfills.

Waste management and recycling at Leeds Metropolitan University

Three years ago, the Leeds Metropolitan University decided to improve upon its existing recycling programme in order to recycle more effectively while promoting a recycling culture among staff and students.  The university introduced new user friendly waste bins, posters and expanded the range of waste materials recycled.

A holistic approach to integrating sustainability at Hallmark UK

Hallmark developed the ReSPECT Programme, a holistic programme that develops, manages, and improves aspects of the economic, social and environmental sustainability within Hallmark and its supply chains.  The strategy involves creating a business environment and culture that supports all aspects of sustainability by increasing awareness and knowledge of sustainability issues.

Delivering waste management and recycling at the Energy Saving Trust

Over a 6 year period, the organisation has moved from recycling plain paper and printer cartridges to including a wide range of materials including plastic, cans, glasses, IT material and even the inclusion of a food waste recycling and compost scheme

Saving energy using carbon monoxide (CO) sensors.

CO  sensors were installed to monitor the quality of air in a building, thus enabling a higher level of control on ventilation systems.  

When air quality is deemed as “good” and no heating or cooling is required, the ventilation plant will be turned down or off producing immediate energy and financial savings.

Controlling ventilation load requirements at Royal Mail.

HVAC motors were equipped with Variable Speed Drives, enabling the motors to be connected to the Building Energy Management System (BEMS). - by Royal Mail

The practice supports full control of ventilation load requirements and performance.